5 Core Tools for Overhead Garage Door Repair Technicians

overhead garage door repair

5 Core Tools for Overhead Garage Door Repair Technicians

Garage doors may seem simple, but they are actually a collection of complex components and systems. These work together to ensure the door opens and lowers properly. 

One part failing to work can risk damage to your door or home. It also can be dangerous to anyone nearby. For this reason, it is vital to have the right tools when working on them. 

This article lays out five core tools you need for an overhead garage door repair. Keep reading to find out which instruments are essential for getting the job done right. 

1. Safety Equipment

At the top of this list is basic safety equipment. Wearing safety goggles is always a good idea when working on any kind of equipment. Also, gloves and suitable footwear can help protect you from cuts or punctures when handling garage door parts. 

2. Adjustable Wrench

Garage doors have lots of nuts and bolts. You will find them securing track hangers to the ceiling, as well as myriad hinges and brackets on the door itself. And they are often of varying sizes and configurations.

This makes a basic wrench set (or adjustable wrench) an invaluable tool for garage door repair. It will allow you to remove, replace, or tighten the many important bolts that help hold the door and door-hanging system together. 

3. C-Clamps

People underestimate the usefulness of c-clamps for all kinds of projects. These are handy devices for any garage door technician. 

You can use them to secure the door while you are working on it or release tension on the torsion springs and cables. It could keep tracks and other elements in place while you secure them. 

4. Tape Measure and Level

A garage door relies on meticulous orientation on its tracks. A half-inch misalignment can be disastrous. A basic tape measure and level are two hand tools that can help you install or adjust tracks and door components. 

Also, all motorized garage doors sold in the United States must have a built-in reverse mechanism. This uses laser sensors that stop the door if they detect anything in its path. A tape measure and level can ensure that these are positioned properly, which is essential to their functioning as intended. 

5. Winding Bars

If you do not have much overhead garage door repair experience, this item may be one of the less familiar ones on the list. These are specific instruments that allow you to control the tension in the garage door spring. 

This is essential, since too much tension results in a door that opens too fast and violently. Too little tension and the door will not open at all. 

Winding bars go into holes in the winding cones of the torsion spring, on the ends of the spring shaft. They allow you to apply force to either wind or unwind the spring. 

Learn More About Overhead Garage Door Repair

Now that you know five core tools for overhead garage door repair, you can tackle any job. Having the right tools can make all the difference between mediocre and stellar garage door maintenance. 

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