How to Find the Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

best invoicing software for contractors

How to Find the Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

As a general contractor, you’re constantly juggling a number of different balls. This is the reality of running your own business. While it’s a rewarding job, it’s also very full-on. 

No matter the industry you’re based in and how much passion you have for your work, it’s all about the bottom line. As a contractor, one of your primary goals is to ensure your clients pay for their work in a timely fashion. This is where the right software for your business is a game changer. 

Here’s what to consider when choosing the best invoicing software for contractors. 


The Information on Your Invoice

Let’s start with the basics. The invoicing software you choose should enable you to include as much information as you need on your invoice. This includes the client’s name, contact details, description of your services, invoice number, date, and total amount due. 

It’s important to opt for a program that includes automatic tax deductions, fees, or discounts — just to make your busy life easier. Don’t forget to include payment terms and conditions, too!

Automated Invoice Delivery

When you have a lot on your plate, as most contractors do, the last thing you need to be worrying about is whether your client received your invoice or not.

This is where electronic invoicing is your best friend. Opt for a program that allows you to load client information and automate the delivery of your invoices. This is a far faster, more efficient, and reliable means of delivering your invoices and eliminates the chance of human error. 

Payment Reminders and Updates 

Whether you’re responsible for the bookkeeping in your business or not, no one has time to physically chase up outstanding invoices. The best way to ensure the timely payment of your invoices is with a software program that automatically sends payment reminders and updates. 

You can schedule these reminders well before the payment is due and with the right software, you can track whether the client has seen the invoice and paid it or not. This also goes a long way in eliminating unnecessary stress or confusion around your payment terms and conditions.   


Does it Integrate With Your Accounting Needs?

While invoicing is a key part of your business accounting, they are two different processes. When you’re considering invoicing software, always opt for a program that already integrates with the accounting software you use. 

If you’ve yet to choose an accounting software for your business, opt for one that includes an integrated invoicing function. This way, all of your bookkeeping needs are taken care of in one place.

Do I Need to Have Accounting/Invoicing Experience?

As a contractor, your specialty might lie in plumbing or expert tiling. But when it comes to managing finances and accounting practices your knowledge might fall short. This is a common reality for many business owners. 

If you’re worried about whether you need accounting or invoicing expertise, the good news is that you don’t if you choose the right software. Opt for a user-friendly program that takes into account your lack of knowledge. Most programs today are designed this way. 

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