Why HVAC Contractors are Making the Switch to Service Management Software

Why HVAC Contractors are Making the Switch to Service Management Software

With the passage of time and the rapid progression in technology, there has been a technical upheaval in nearly every industry, including field service. Many contractors, such as those working in the HVAC industry, are realizing the need of bringing their business operations up to speed to reap all the benefits of this revolution, and this includes shifting from traditional and manual processes to service management software.

Field service management software allows HVAC contractors to make their business more robust and efficient by optimizing most of the mundane and repetitive tasks that take up a significant portion of their time. Here are some of the reasons why HVAC contractors are opting for service management software.

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Ease of Scheduling 

HVAC contractors have to deal with a high work order volume throughout the day, which can be quite difficult to manage. Plus, most of their employees are in the field, traveling from one job to another. This makes it difficult for them to manage and schedule each job properly, and this can often lead to productivity burnout.

Moreover, employees also find it difficult to hop from one job to the next, especially if they don’t know beforehand where they have to go. They receive the details of the next job through a phone call or SMS, and they have to navigate the location themselves. Not only that, but they also have to find out the best possible route to reach the customer.

This is where service management software can come in handy, as it allows HVAC contractors to manage and monitor all of their employees easily. Plus, they can also find which of their employees can reach a certain location quicker, so that the job is assigned to them. It increases efficiency in the business operations, and also enhances employee productivity.

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Increased Mobility

By using service management software, HVAC contractors can manage the entire operations of the business without being restricted to a certain location. The best part of using a service software is that it enables tasks and processes to be performed through any smartphone or tablet, which eliminates the requirement of a certain computer or system.

This way, HVAC contractors will be able to communicate effectively with their employees and coordinate with them regarding current or future jobs. It will also allow technicians and repairmen to receive their next job quicker, along with complete information about the job, such as client name, address, contact number, and also the required tools for the task.

As a result, contractors can schedule more jobs per working day, and this will lead to increased profitability, as well as greater customer satisfaction.

Easier Invoicing

When clients request an HVAC system repair or installation through a phone call, they are not always 100% accurate in telling what is wrong with the system. When the technicians or repairmen reach the site and inspect the HVAC system, it requires more or less work than expected, which can also lead to a change in the quoted amount.

In a normal setting, you would have to call back your technician and give them an updated invoice, which would cause a lot of hassle and waste of time. By integrating service management software, HVAC contractors can send updated invoices in real-time to their technicians, which speeds up the entire process.

Optimized Workflow

By using service management software, not only can HVAC contractors assign and schedule more jobs during a working day, but they can also optimize the workflow for technicians, who have to spend the entire day in the field and hop from house to house to repair and install new HVAC systems.

Service management software helps them to track each employee and find out where they are, or how much time they spend on each job. This also enables them to find out how much time is lost in transit and how much time they have to spend waiting for the next job. As a result, their performance is enhanced.

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