Cloud-Based Field Service Management

Jobfilez connects your entire field service operation. Schedule and prioritize jobs; track technicians progress in real time. Send pictures, videos and reports from the field. Invoice and create change orders from the jobsite and track gross profit in real time.

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Real Time Schedule

View status of work orders and easily update the schedule as they progress. Real time pictures and video from the field are instantly available to your entire organization. GPS tracking and detailed mapping features will enable you to dispatch technicians to urgent jobs and avoid costly downtime. Employees can easily punch in and out of jobs.

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Empower Your Team

Provide your field technicians with the training and tools to improve their performance. With jobfilez your team will become more engaged with daily operations and will drive efficiencies throughout your operation. Eliminate paperwork and minimize downtime from the field by empowering your technicians to provide accurate information in real time.

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Increase Profitability

Enable your employees to make better, safer decisions that will increase the profitability of your business. Uncover real costs to specific activities and cut waste throughout the business. Enable your team to concentrate sales efforts on profitable customers. With jobfilez in the cloud you aren't burdened with capital investments. You will see an increase in productivity and efficiency, thus enabling you to increase your revenue and provide opportunities for future growth.

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