Jobfilez is transforming how its customers do business.

At jobfilez we are strong believers that the software you use for your business should be designed around how your business operates, not the other way around. We custom design the business logic of our cloud based SaaS, based on your business needs. You won't have to adjust your business procedures to our software, we have the ability to custom code the software to fit your business needs and wants.

Real Time Work Order Scheduling and Dispatch

No matter the size of your company, you can easily schedule, dispatch and track any order from anywhere.

  • Schedule

    Real time visibility that enables you to view status of jobs and easily update the work order. Change the priority of jobs within your schedule to accommodate a rush job.

  • Lead Management

    Track your leads from target to close while continually growing your business. With jobfilez leads management, your field technicians can generate and communicate information directly to sales personnel about a prospective customer.

  • GPS

    Easily track your technicians progress in the field. Detailed mapping features and GPS tracking will allow you to fine tune arrival times which enables your technicians to be more efficient on the job.

  • Dispatch

    Improve your service call response time by sending the right technician to the job. Easily see which technicians are on-call or have time-off with the Administrator portal.

  • Analytics

    At jobfilez we believe you have to collect data or your business will die. Our built-in sales analytics will help you decipher potential trends in your mix of business. This knowledge will give you the insight to make better more profitable decisions.

Job Costing

With Real-Time Gross Profit calculations, you can add costs or create change orders to the job while the work is in progress. No more waiting until the work is completed to find out if you made money on a job.

  • Real Time Gross Profit

    Track the gross profit by job specific while the work is in progress. Technicians can include actual material and equipment costs into the job. With jobfilez costing analysis you can compare estimated costs to actual costs as the job is in process.

  • Labor Tracking

    Enter job cost rate per employee to determine an accurate labor and overhead cost. Travel time can be separated from actual on the job time. Lower your overhead due to increased efficiencies in the field.

Billing & Human Resources


  • Timecards

    Employees punch in and out from the field with GEO location. Tracks and classifies wages in regular, overtime, double time and prevailing wage. Easily view employees vacation, sick days and holidays. With jobfilez timecards you can easily apply labor to a specific work order.

  • Billing

    Immediately invoice from the field to improve your cash flow. Integrates directly with accounting systems to give you access to reports and costing analysis in real time. Capture signatures in the field to ensure prompt payment, they are time and date stamped to accurately complete a work order.

  • Policies & Procedures

    Easily post your companies benefits, policies and procedures for all employees to see. Achieve your safety program goals by updating and posting OSHA manuals and policies.

  • Real Time Photos and Videos

    Attach any file, including photos, videos, PDF’s, contracts, signed change orders, and miscellaneous notes to the work orders. Stored securely and updated to the customers file for instant access by front office and field technicians anytime and from anywhere.

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Jobfilez is transforming how small to mid-sized companies do business by providing a cloud-based, unified system that delivers unprecedented capabilities to drive business forward.

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