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HR Management

From payroll and time tracking, managing vacation and sick days, to policies and procedures, jobfilez offers a dynamic solution to manage your HR from your home or office.

Human Resources Management Reimagined


Employees punch in and out from the field with GEO location. Tracks and classifies wages in regular, overtime, double time and prevailing wage. Easily view employees vacation, sick days and holidays. With jobfilez timecards you can easily apply labor to a specific work order.

Policies & Procedures

Easily post your companies benefits, policies and procedures for all employees to see. Achieve your safety program goals by updating and posting OSHA manuals and policies.

Real Time Photos and Videos

Attach any file, including photos, videos, PDF’s, contracts, signed change orders, and miscellaneous notes to the work orders. Stored securely and updated to the customers file for instant access by front office and field technicians anytime and from anywhere.


Immediately invoice from the field to improve your cash flow. Integrates directly with accounting systems to give you access to reports and costing analysis in real time. Capture signatures in the field to ensure prompt payment, they are time and date stamped to accurately complete a work order.


Customize your pay structure to fit the needs of your individual business needs, make changes over time, create unique bonus structures.

Customized HR Solutions

HR Management Software

Dynamic HR Management Solutions for every industry. Take control of your payroll and provide confidence to your workforce.


Time Cards

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Policies & Procedures

Photo & Video Sharing

Customized Solutions

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